Monday, 31 May 2010

Dream a little Dream with me

Dreams, no not something you aspire to be or where you would like to see yourself in the future, the dreams that happen during rapid eye movement. Everyone has dreams not everyone remembers them and some wish they didn't. Every night we drift off to sleep and dream but most importantly we also dream as we are slowly waking up. The dreams we have in the morning before waking up are the most interesting. These dreams are the windows to our soul and even if they seem confusing they make sense once interpreted. At the moment I am going through a period of having lucid dreams that are extremely detailed and seem so real that I wake up expecting it to carry on to my waking state. They have been so vivid lately I have taken to writing them down to make sense of what they are telling me and what action is needed. When Sigmund Freud discussed dream psychology with his colleagues they laughed at him and thought him to be a crank and didn't believe dreams to be anything but random pictures in our heads that don't make sense. Now as we advance into the 21st century our dreams are thought be a glimpse into who we really are, what is bothering us and what we truly want from the world. I have always believed that my dreams let me in to my inner sanctum that even my waking mind won't let me enter.

A time before twilight I had a dream about vampires and I was so frightened that when the alarm went off I just lie there absolutely petrified not wanting to open my eyes. Later that day I read the dream interpretation of my dream and dreaming about vampires was that someone in your life was draining you of energy and it was time to distance yourself from this person. I knew exactly who this was and I took the advice and distanced myself. I felt much better straight away and never dreamt of vampires again. No not even Robert Patterson, beside I am totally on Team Jacob.

Even though dream psychology has come a long way since Sigmund Freud, I still don't think that precognitive dreams are as accepted. There a lot of movies on it and even a TV show but I still believe dreaming of the future is not talked about. Every time I watch Medium I think how brave Allison Dubois is when she calls the police when she sees a horrific crime in her dreams. I wonder if the average person who also had this gift would be so forward, scared that they will end up in a mental asylum or worse gaol. Yes I have had precognitive dreams in the past and frankly they are just confusing and frightening. I am certainly no Allison more of a Cassandra the Greek princess that had been given the power of prophecy but doomed never to be believed.

Even though we don't always understand them and sometimes are frightened by them they will always be a part of who we are. So come on dream a little dream with me.

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