Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Turning Japanese

I can't believe how time flies it only seemed like Yesterday that it was New years Eve and I was ringing in the New Year. Now it is March the third month of the year where did the time go? In January I thought I have stacks of time to organise myself for when we go to Japan for a month. Now I am panicking that there is not enough time to do everything. Just learning the basic necessities to get by in Japanese is proving to be difficult. Japanese is quite a difficult language just to get the pronunciation right is fraught with laughter as my DH tells me I say Japanese words in an Aussie ocker accent. There is one consulation though Japanese is such an old language they don't have Japanese words for modern new words for example the "Internet" in Japanese is"intaanetto" or "hotel" is "hoteru", they have difficulty pronouncing L so they replace it with an R and the U is silent. So even if I manage to learn the basic Japanese language there is also the currency exchange rate. There is 80 yen to one Aussie dollar. So I am not that good with languages I am far worse with numbers, my DH is drilling me now 10,000 yen what does it convert to it takes me ages to work it out($120 roughly for those that have trouble with numbers like me). I am going to download a basic currency converter program on my mobile but I know that I can't rely on technology all the time. I was going to put a language program on to my Ipod and just use it as my voice and play it to the Japanese people lets face they would have more of chance understanding the Ipod than my Aussie accent. I however changed my mind because I thought that would be really rude and I have already almost caused a diplomatic incident in several other countries to date.

I love to travel but it always brings out my Type A personality even though this time we are using a travel agent the only way to go I might add. We got all our documents this weekend and even though our travel agent went through everything, I still had to go through it again in minute detail. Where were we sitting on the plane, what time do we arrive in Narita airport, what time the last train out of Narita to Tokyo leave and where we want to visit in Tokyo in which district and map out the shortest route to get to all these places. However this has it advantages like that we are arriving in Narita a 9:30 pm the ticket office closes at 9:45 pm and even if we make that the last train to Tokyo leaves at 10:15 pm. So it looks like arranging transport to the hotel and another couple of days in Tokyo so we can fit in all the Tokyo tourist sites and even a trip to Dinseyland. The best thing though it is not me arranging things it is the travel agent did I say that I highly recommend this. I know I will obsess over every detail beforehand but I also know I will enjoy the holiday. Sayonara.

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