Friday, 11 September 2009

Spring has sprung

I see so many posts about Autumn but as I live in the southern Hemisphere I thought I would do an ode to Spring. I read in the City news a column written about how spring sucks and they can't wait to summer arrives. I actually like Spring everything is thawing out from the cold winter and colour awakens the landscape once again. Spring is the season of new beginnings and the guilty pleasures of winter can be forgotten as it is a chance to start again. Everything smells so fresh and new and the light spring rain turns the dry dirt to rich green grass again. Also spring signifies warmer longer days where waxing is a must and cool dips in the pool are the order of the day.

My favourite bit of spring is Floriade it is a flower festival here is Canberra where I live. I know it sounds boring but I can tell you it is fantastic the bursts of colour and array flowers are sight to behold. Each year there is a theme last year was the ‘films that shaped our nation’ ‐ films were showcased in a dazzling display of over a million blooms. For the first time last year they had night fest where as you walk in you were on the red carpet with a entertainment journalist asking you questions and the Priscilla Queen of the desert bus which was hosted by a Les Girl that took you all around to the displays and flowers. There was a glow bar which was an area for Adults only and sold some fantastic cocktails. Also they had strange fruit do a performance (pictured above) which was a show all on stilts which was awe inspiring. There are buskers and stalls of local produce, art and crafts. It is a must see and even if I live here I still go every year because there is nothing like it anywhere else. This year Antonia kidman is the face of Floriade and the theme is mind body and soul. I might even go twice this year once during the day with my DH to see all the flower displays and he can shoot a million photos. Then another time at night to see the performances with my girlfriends so we can chill out at the Glow bar and sip cosmopolitans and watch spring come alive before our eyes.

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