Friday, 4 September 2009

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

I was just putting this in a comment on another blog and decided it needs it's own entry.

Do you ever wonder if your other half is watching same show or movie or even the same ads as you? I know i think that all the time because my husband always has a different take on everything. When we watched Titanic he thought that the old woman accidentally tripped and dropped the jewel in the sea. He wouldn't believe me that she dropped in on purpose as his mind could not understand while she would do that it was worth a fortune. There are many other incidents that his take on what we had just watched is totally different to mine although we had watched the same thing.

The most recent incident was we were watching an ad where a woman wakes up squeezes into her jeans then a tight top and struggles to get on her boots. Then she asks "Nick can you get me a pad" Nick walks to the drawer and shows her two and says"which one?" Her comment is "This one it is shaped to fit You don't want me to be uncomfortable do you?" Well i thought that it was obvious that she made this comment because she was squeezing into tight clothes but not wanting her pad to be uncomfortable a tongue in cheek comment. My husband on the other hand said she made the comment because they just had sex the night before and he wanted her to leave his apartment and she was being sarcastic. I of course made the valid point that A she would not ask him to get a pad if it was casual sex. B The pads were in the apartment which suggests that she either lived there or was in a very intimate relationship with Nick and C not so valid but still worth mentioning if she was on her period would she be having sex. My Husband says "Yes I did think of those inconsistencies but i couldn't think why else would she make this comment other than they had sex" Why does this not surprise me that a man can take a very innocent innocuous ad and think it is about sex. Men!

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