Monday, 28 September 2009


Everyone has a way to relax some people draw a bath, others pour a glass of wine and some people exercise. The way that I relax is to go to a bookstore as soon as I step into one I feel so at peace and all my every day stresses just melt away. I find the smell of freshly printed books intoxicating, holding a book that has not been opened is so exciting as I am exploring virgin territory and just touching spines of new books sends a thrill up my own spine. I love borders the bookshop the most as it has a coffee shop within which combines my two loves in one store if given the chance I would never leave. I love books and growing up I was a self confessed bookworm that would love reading and go on amazing adventures without ever having to leave the house. I learnt to read early at the age of four and have not stopped since, I was also a precocious child and reading satisfied my overactive imagination. This is the reason I love Anne of Green Gables so much was that Anne reminded me of myself and like her found reading was so addictive because even if it was just for a little while you had the chance to escape real life. I was suddenly a character in a book that was brave, enchanting and heading out to an unknown adventure.

Although with all the news stories proclaiming that with the surge of the digital age actual books will become obsolete and books will, be condensed into a word file that is digitally transferred to your PDA or thumb drive. I know that it still the same stories and that nothing has changed but I just can't grasp the idea of reading a book on a PDA. I need to feel the book in my hands reading and turning the pages. An e-book is just not the same and yes I have tried it but it was not a resounding success. I downloaded Alice in Wonderland and I ended up printing it out as I needed it on paper to be able to soak in the ambiance and tone of the novel.

I have asked several different people for their opinion on this and I have had a mixed reactions-:

1. They like e-books and make way for the future

2. Although they like e-books they can't see paperbacks disappearing anytime soon

3. Lastly they are the ones that agree with me and can only read a book, that is on paper.

I guess I am just old school and have trouble adjusting to change and the children of today won't remember even owning a book written on paper only on a down loadable format. It is the same with mobile phones, children can't remember what the world was like before them it must seem really archaic to use a land line or god forbid a payphone. Even so I do feel sad at the thought
of this happening as my haven of peace and serenity would be taken from me. Even though we would have bookstores it is just not the same using a touchscreen to choose a book pay for it through eftpos or credit card and using either a USB connection to your PDA or a thumb drive to download it. Oh well when and if this does happen I will just have to console myself with the knowledge that it will save trees and perhaps the planet.

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  1. I have just started listening to audiobooks, very handy when I am too stuffed to pick up a book for pleasure or just don't have the time. Some really neat stuff I download from the library and other places.

    p.s. Finally back on the the air after computer crash, rebuilt and firing again :)