Monday, 31 August 2009

Pin Pals

My favorite episode of the Simpsons is the episode when Homer forms a bowling team which is funded by the Mister Burns. The team is doing really well until Mister Burns decides that since he funded the team he wanted to play with them and they had to kick Auto of the team. I always thought man it must be pretty bad getting kicked out of a bowling team that and being replaced by Monty Burns. Although of course The Simpsons is just a cartoon it is not real life who really gets kicked off a bowling team. I mean you couldn't even classify Bowling as a sport. True story I once looked up how many calories burnt in an hour while ten pin bowling it was 69 calories I think you would burn more sleeping. I did hear once they were considering making it an Olympic sport oh wait that was a comedian that was telling that story. Ok by now you are wondering why i am telling you this. Well I have defied the natural course of things and yes I have been kicked off my bowling team. I wish I could say it was because I bowled like Mister Burns in which I do and that my handicap was so high just turning up almost helped me win the game. No it was not because I am a crap bowler and infamous ballerina signature move didn't help me improve just made me look silly. I was kicked off for taking a break for two weeks. Although I must say that it was hardly a break as I was working late getting a major project off the ground. I had a very tight deadline and I was starting from scratch as it was something that had never been attemped before breaking new ground you might say. So when you are feeling bad just think of me the only person to ever be kicked of a bowling team. I expect Adam Sandler to walk in any moment and start heckling me.

I am being philosophical about this though when one door closes another opens. I did see a flyer for dragon boating today which i have done before and enjoyed. I also know that I will burn more than 69 calories an hour doing it. Perhaps it is a sign from the universe that it is time to try something new. I would love to hear your stories of being kicked of a team it doesn't have to be as loserville as being kicked off a ten pin bowling team but it would be good to hear.

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