Thursday, 6 August 2009

Milk Run

There is nothing worse in the middle of winter when you have changed into your flannelet PJ's and Ugg boots only to discover that there no milk left even for coffee. Firstly you get cranky with your Husband as he should of alerted you to the situation before getting home or better still bought some himself. I don't know about your DH but mine is allergic to supermarkets. He never ever goes to the supermarket only on occasions when he feels like chocolate. One day I sent him out for onions, potatoes and mushrooms, he came back two hours later with Chocolate , cake and Doritos. Although I do see why he doesn't go grocery shopping decisions are not his strong suit and when placed in front of an array of choices it is hard for him to decide. Normally you would look at price first but in the supermarket this fraught with problems just because it is cheap does not guarantee it is nice. My DH would go into a supermarket to buy a chocolate bar and faced with so many choices he stands in front of them for half an hour and then walks out because he can't possibly make a decision. So with that context you can understand why I prefer to shop by myself as it is so much quicker and easier.

Well a couple of nights ago I was faced with the dilemma of having to change into trackies and sweatshirt to go get some milk and extract myself from the warmth of the house. Canberra is so cold at the moment the car is iced over in a matter of hours. Also I hate having to go to the shops for just milk the supermarkets put it as far away from the front as possible. This is to distract you into buying something as you pass it by to go get milk. I think a supermarket that had milk at the front of the store would lose out on a lot of impulse buying revenue. So I had decided that i will go to a service station as it is easier to park and milk is not far from the front of the store. Yes it is more expensive but I wanted this to be as painless as possible as it was already 10 pm at night in the dead of winter. I quickly drove around to my corner service station as I don't usually leave home at this late at night during the week, I found the experience quite the eye opener.

When I got to the service station there was a guy there with the same dilemma just needing milk although he hadn't changed out of his PJ's just covered it with a trench coat and was still wearing slippers. To my amusement he was the most normal person there. In front of me in the queue at the cash register were a couple and I kid you not he was not wearing a shirt. Believe me when I tell you that it would be whole lot better if he had actually put one on. He was also wearing trackies that were riding low showing plumbers crack and ugg boots. His girlfriend looked like she put her finger in a socket her hair was standing up on end thankfully she did have a top on. When the couple left the service station attendant asked me and PJ guy if it was still cold outside and I responded "It is freezing at least below 0". He laughed and said " well that certainly is a nice look" I told Him "You didn't get the pleasure of seeing the backside of him now that is a sight to behold"

Well if that was not enough as I was exiting the service station with my milk a black Mercedes pulls up and a young lady of about twenty with long blond hair and expensive designer clothes on alights from the car. The young lady extracts her handbag from the passenger seat it is a cute pink one with a little dog sitting it. The dog has a pink rhinestone collar and is looking rather regal. I instantly think that she must be a Paris Hilton look a like or just wants to be her. I look into the sky looking to see if it was a full moon as everybody know that this is when all the crazy people come out of the woodwork. Indeed the moon was full and casting a silvery glow on the mayhem below. Now of course I know why I don't leave my home after I am settled in for the night and this time it is not because it is cold.

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