Monday, 13 July 2009

Never Again

Ok I wasn't going to include this in my blog as it was too cringe worthy but a Blog is an expression of yourself I shouldn't be keeping secrets from it.

The story starts with an innocent invitation to the CEO's office for drinks as we were celebrating the End of the Financial year, Yeah Yeah any excuse I know. Well there were two problems with this straight away I hadn't eaten anything in quite some time and I am a two can Sam and get sloshed quite easily. I eased into it with just a glass of champagne and I swear I was going to stop at just one. The only thing is that the organiser of this event is the hostess with the mostess and never leaves a glass empty. Soon as the glass is finished it is topped up without you even noticing. So lets recap I hadn't eaten, are susceptible to getting tipsy at the best of times and that one glass had turned into to lot more than I care to remember. Well it doesn't take a genius to figure out what happened next. So I was drinking and chatting which was getting louder as you can imagine and suddenly I realised that it was quarter to two in the morning and I was blind drunk. I was in some killer heels which are hard to walk in sober let alone drunk. Amazingly I made it to my office without incident no sprained ankles or vomiting in the hallway. Thankfully the place is so quiet at that time of the night. I rang my DH who I had promised that I will swing by the shops and buy some groceries for dinner quite some hours ago and then just disappeared. So I had thought it was best that I call him to tell him that what I had promised was not going to happen and where I was. Of course I woke him up and he was in no mood to come pick me up so I thought I would just have a couple of coffees and see if I could sober up to drive home. I have a lounge area near my office and coffee facilities so I had wandered in there. Stupidly thinking that one coffee will sober me up to drive home which is no way near enough. I was talking with one of the night staff and they went off to do something and I decided a lay down will help. As soon as my head touched the cushion on the lounge I was out for the count. I only woke up from one of the night staff shaking me awake and handing me a coffee and telling me it was 6:30 am and that I was not sober enough go home.

I agreed with this assessment and staggered my way across the hall to my office. I then laid back in my chair until 11am when I was sober enough to go home. I was so embarrassed as I don't drink all that often and I couldn't believe I let it get to that stage. I was not sure how I was ever going to look in the eyes of the night staff ever again without going a bright shade of crimson. Although I think the most embarrassing thing about is that I must of snored so loudly as I was drunk and that is what happens. Surprising though I have not heard this incident do the rounds on the gossip circuit so the night staff must be quite discreet either that or it is a normal Friday night occurrence. It certainly won't be me though as I learned my lesson and never again.

Well my DH was not amused by my un lady like behaviour but i think it was the fact that he had to go get his own dinner that he had a problem with. Although he got his revenge as we had planned to do gardening on that day and I certainly did not get a "Get out of jail free card".
I still had to do the gardening, my jobs was to pull all the dead dandelion leaves out which was really not a good idea as I had a hangover and the dandelion is right near the pool. I also had to sweep up all the loose twigs, leaves and pine needles that had been dropped. This is not fun at the best of times but with an almighty hangover and the sun was shining so brightly and I couldn't find my sunglasses, it was horrendous.
Did I already say never again.

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