Thursday, 9 July 2009

Basic Instincts

We have all heard a story about a golden couple that fall in love in their early twenties and they had been together for years and are nauseatingly perfect. They never argue and are always respectful of each others feelings and every other relationship couldn't compare to their amazing relationship. It is inevitable that they will get married and after many years of living together, they finally take the plunge and have a beautiful and highly emotive wedding. They stand before family and friends and pledge their love together to join their union til death do they part. Fast forward barely six months after their wedding they have separated and are filing for divorce. All their friends and family are in a state of shock they never thought the golden couple would split up. What happened they had lived together happily for ten years and get married and it is all over in less than six months.

The statics tell us that 1 in 3 marriages end in divorce so is it a surprise that your friends who had the perfect relationship fell apart after marriage. The answer is Yes, it is still a surprise because a piece of paper legally binding them together could destroy the very fabric of their relationship that they have nurtured and built over many years. So then what could cause this phenomenon? Well the answer is in science and our basic instincts. I went to the Sex and Science show during the science festival and I learnt so much about how sex links with science as hard as that is to believe. One of the many topics was on pheromones and they showed how they worked and why we need them. Firstly women have to smell pheromones to find the perfect partner for having children as it gives them an indication what immune system they have. Women are looking for one that is different immune system to theirs as it would give their child the best chance at survival. The only problem is that mankind have interfered and developed the pill. The pill is a great contraceptive and is a fantastic concept but it blocks the receptors to pheromones. In today's society most women are on the pill from an early age and when they meet their partner that are taking the pill. Throughout the years of living together the women still take the pill and it is only when they have married that they throw it away so they can have a baby. It is there where the trouble starts if the man has the wrong immune system without the pill the woman can smell that they are wrong for them. Everything about their partner turns them off and they don't even want to be around them let alone being intimate with them. Irreparable cracks form in the marriage and after such a short space of time they divorce from irreconcilable differences. So the next time that you hear about friends that have split up not long after getting married you will now know why, it is raw basic instincts really.

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