Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Who's Who in the Zoo

No I am not talking about a certain Men's magazine. I am actually talking about the real animals on display kind of zoo. Over the long weekend I finally visited the Mogo zoo. I didn't have much enthusiasm for it as I always thought it was for children how wrong can I be. My interest was piqued about the Mogo zoo when one of their lionesses Jamilia escaped and they had to make the heart breaking decision to shoot her the news story here. Wow a lioness escapes that certainly would be a heart pumping adrenaline rushing day at the Zoo. I had to go to this zoo to check out what they had there. My last visit to the Zoo was in London which was really small and the animals looked miserable as the people that visited it. So I had not expected too much but I was in for a surprise. I absolutely loved it there was so many animals they had plenty of space and actually all the animals looked happy.

There were Lions and Tigers and Red Pandas and so many different monkeys. I did not know that there were so many varieties. I know about chimps, orangutans and baboons. There is also the small monkeys cotton top tamarinds pictured left, Golden lion Tamarinds Picture below left and tiny pygmy Marmosets which are the size of a mouse but with a cheeky monkey face pictured below right. Just behind the small Monkey enclosures was the reptile house where Anacondas lived and could have a pygmy Marmoset for a snack if the enclosures were joined but luckily for the monkeys they were not.

The Zoo also had an impressive breeding program and animals that were on the endangered list were being successfully bred at Mogo Zoo. The Japanese Red panda for example picture left I have never seen one before and they are the cutest things they look like bandicoots but with a russet coat and black underneath no resemblance really to the giant Panda found in china.
Other animals facing extinction are the white lions, snow leopards and servals
which have been bred successfully at Mogo Zoo.
What are Servals you may ask they look like a leopard the size of a cat with pointy ears that look like Sphinx in Ancient Egypt.
Picture below

While we were there the male lions were roaring they were reminding me of the Leo the lion on the Metro Goldwyn Mayer logo. Apparently it was a sign they were getting ready to mate and were staking there claim as the king of the jungle. This is a beautiful sound to zoo keepers ears as it means they could soon have little cubs to add to the pride.

There were Zebras, giraffes, ostriches and deer in the same enclosure which faced the White lions enclosure you would not want an incident of the lions getting into the wrong paddock you would have real trouble on your hands. All in all though I found the Zoo to be interesting and informative and also a chance to see animals I might normally not have a chance to see. Don't believe the hype Zoo's are for every age my mother in Law loved it too. Given the chance I would definitely go see it again.


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  2. I went to the San Diego zoo over the summer. That was a lot of fun :)