Thursday, 4 June 2009


I am not one to enjoy advertisements. I find them to be annoying and get in the way of the TV program I am watching. I usually use them to go rinse the dishes, use the bathroom and put a load of washing on or for the longer set of advertisements all three. What I really hate are they are so much louder then the actual program.You turn down the volume then have to turn it back up when your program resumes. Although there is one Advertisement I stop what I am doing to watch, actually it is two advertisements. The best thing about these Advertisements they are local to Canberra. They are Advertisements for Ginger catering which is the restaurant cafe at Old Parliament House for locals canberrans (OPH). I will explain what they are about for those that live interstate.
The first ad is a guy and a girl keep bumping into each other at the supermarket. The guy goes to grab some fresh herbs and the girl accidentally touches him and they smile and quickly look away. Then they bump into each other again and the girl turns around to talk to him then looks away quickly and then the guy looks at her. Finally she is sitting with two friends at the Old Parliament House and he sees her and buys her a drink and takes a deep breath and walks towards her. There usually is another advertisement between and in the next advertisement you see them together catching up with friends in the cafe, another time they having dinner together and final shots are of their wedding. Their whole relationship is contained in the space of two minutes, I just hope the wedding night is a little longer.

I have resorted to telling my DH to shush when it comes on the Television. My DH tells me I love it because I am a romantic. I can't see why this is a bad thing. Romantics may where rose coloured glasses and stop to smell the roses but they believe in true love and always wear their heart on their sleeve. Romantics are the peace makers of the world. They may not have realistic views of the world but reality is so over rated anyway. Yes as you may have already guessed I was the first to line up to watch the Sex and the city movie. I cry in any movie with a feel good ending including Home Alone. I love chick lit and historical romances. I sigh when a guy does something really sweet for his partner. The most saddest thing to date is that i think that Zeke and Sonny in Neighbours are the most adorable couple and I love watching their relationship develop(don't tell anyone I am such a closet Neighbours fan). Also for someone that is thirty-something and over it I am not that jaded with the world. I look for the good in everyone even if they don't deserve it.
Gone are the days of chivalry and romance where gentleman knew how to treat a lady. In the Romanticism period that originated in the second half of the 18th century the most beautiful sonnets and poems were written. Don't get me wrong I am all for the sisterhood and what they have achieved for the modern woman of today. I am so proud that my home state(South Australia) was the first to give women the right to vote but i sometimes wonder if we have pushed it too far the other way. We wanted to be treated as equal and men have taken this as an excuse to be lazy in courting a woman and romance had died along with it. Maybe this is why i love that Advertisement so much because it gives me the glimmer of hope that the dying embers of romance are still burning and one day they will become a bright and passionate fire.

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