Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Rolling the dice of life

There is an episode of "The Office" british version Tim Caterbury was offered the manager position he turned it down when ask why he said " I just think, well, I dunno, if you look at life like, ah, rolling a dice then my situation now, as it stands, yeah, it may only be a three. If I jack that in now, go for something bigger and better, yeah, I could easily roll a six. No problem. I could roll a six. I could also roll a one. Kay, so.. I think sometimes just leave the dice alone."

My DH likes to leave the dice alone and stay a three it is safe and makes him feel secure and he doesn't deal with change all that well. He would rather stay in a job that he is not happy with just so he can avoid rolling the dice. I am the complete opposite I would roll the dice just to see what comes up next if it is a six that is great if it is a one oh well I can always roll it again. I know there are risks in rolling the dice and every major change in your life is associated with rolling the dice. Life is so unpreditcable and things could work out for the better or they may not but you have to give a go or you will never find out. What are you thoughts do like to leave the dice alone or is it worth the risk?

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  1. I likwe to leave the dice aklone as it is safer that way