Monday, 22 June 2009

Rainy Days

Yesterday Canberra had a real rainy day. It started raining at 2am in the morning as i could hear it beating a rhythm on our tin roof and the rain did not subside all day. This is quite a rare occurrence in Canberra as the full clouds have to get over the mountains from the coast for such rainfall to occur. So one would think that this is the best opportunity on a rainy Sunday to snuggle in your pyjamas and watch a DVD in the comfort of your home. You could watch the rain splatter on the windows and listen to the rain fall on roof and know that you are warm and dry.
Maybe in other cities but certainly not Canberra. I had organised to meet a friend in the city to watch a movie and catch up so I had braved the cold and wet weather and headed in to the city. I thought that the city would be deserted as no one wanted to come out in this weather unless they had a reason like myself. Well I could not be more wrong the mall had more people in it then Pitt street on a busy Monday morning. Parking was a nightmare I ended up in the basement of the undercover parking and that was the last spot on that level. It was so crowded people filling restaurants and cafes even spilling out to the undercover outdoor areas. Every store was buzzing and the skeleton Sunday staff were rushed off their feet. The movie that we had anticipated to watch was sold out. Sold out! I could understand it if was a major blockbuster on it's first weekend out but no we were hoping to see Sunshine cleaning a small budget indie flick about a two sisters who have a business of cleaning up crime scenes. It was it's first weekend but even so when my friend mentioned it, I had to google it to find out what it is was about. We ended settling for star trek as it was the nearest time slot so we would not have to wait too long. We went for coffee and we managed to find a empty table at a cafe even then it was in the undercover outdoor area.

We gave ourselves 15 minutes to get to the cinema buy a drink and get into our seats ready for the movie. The line up to the candy bar was a mile long almost extending to the escalators that lead up to the cinemas entrance. When we finally got ourselves a drink we then had to line up again just to get in to the entrance of the theatres. Did I mention this was Sunday afternoon. Finally when we got to the right theatre the only seats left were right down the front luckily I like that so I can see the screen clearly without my glasses. There were still long queues of people waiting at the candy bar and the theatres entrance after my movie had finished. On the way home it was bumper to bumper traffic as there was an accident on the parkway.

I had to do the weekly shopping on the way home and even my suburban supermarket was busy all the aisles were packed with trolleys and people. Normally I could quickly whizz around and get done quickly. The crowds made it so much harder avoiding people, trolleys and prams in the aisles. Even when I had my trolley to one side to look at something on the shelf proved difficult as people were wanting to grab something and I was in their way. I never knew Canberra could be so busy on a Sunday afternoon. Why it is so busy on grey rainy day, I have several theories.

1. Canberrans are celebrating the rain as it is such a rare occurrence

2. Canberra is normally cold during winter and the rain actually make it a little warmer.

3. On such a miserable day everyone decided to get out there and enjoy it.

4. EOFYS was in full swing be damned the Global financial crisis.

Whatever it was, it was good to see that Canberra could be bustling and exciting even on the most miserable rainy day.

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  1. Holly crap!! I think I am glad I missed it *chuckle* - did you like Star Trek? I loved it!! Had me tearing up in the first five minutes!!

    Aaah, I really love the rain. I think I am going deaf though as I didn't hear it in the wee hours of the morning :(