Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Oh how far have we come....

At the moment I am reading "The other Boleyn Girl" yes I know that it is a movie starring Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson but before that is was a novel written by Philippa Gregory. I have seen the movie and as with everything it does not do the book justice. The other Boleyn girl could of easily been a miniseries it has so much detail about the historic events and the way everyone lived and pandered to one man. Although as Shane Moloney(author of the Murray Whelan series) once said "If you think of the book as the cow then screenplay would be the stock cube". Another thing that was different was that the actresses that played the characters were too old, in the book Mary Boleyn was twelve when she married William Carey and was a merely fourteen when she became the king's mistress. In modern times this would be illegal as well as morally and ethically compromising to say the least even if you are the King of England. I just can't imagine how these women I use the term loosely as they would be just mere girls on the verge of womanhood could cope. The worst thing is that their parents were the drivers behind everything from whom they will marry to the decision to make Mary available for the king. The girls had no choice but to do what they were told as they owned nothing only what there parents gave them, then what their husband or lover bestowed upon them. This novel might be a work of fiction but it is based on historical facts and did not belie what actually happened in the 16th century.

Today we are almost ten years into the 21st century and what women have is a far cry for their ancestors before them. Women rights have come along way in what freedoms we have and a our right to earn a living. It might have other social implications but it is a good step in the right direction, so women can be their own person and not have to answer to anyone (well not quite but close enough). I think sometimes these freedoms are taken for granted. I am guilty of it myself. I have the right to vote, speak out and most importantly work so that I can afford to indulge myself and not feel guilty but sometimes I feel work is a drag and get bored and complacent. I guess you need a reminder to appreciate what you have and that not everyone is as privileged. Looking back in history women have had to fight to be treated as equals and some of the strong women who did speak out like Anne Boleyn, they were burnt at the stake for being a witch. Heaven forbid that a women could be strong, independent and have her own mind it must be some kind of magic.

Oh how far have we come...

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