Friday, 5 June 2009

New zealanders

On the theme that romance is still alive and kicking. There is a story of a New Zealand man that bought a $5000 dollar(NZ) engaement ring only to be rejected. Instead of selling it he has decided to have a treasure hunt in Wellington. He is using his Twitter account to leave clues to find the ring. He has over a 1000 twitter followers that are hoping to find the ring and a big media presence the news story is Here

What a way to rub the girls nose in it to show her what she had missed out on. Although he is not jaded and hopes that a guy will find it so they can propose to the special woman in their lives. All this kicks off on Saturday June 5th in wellington New Zealand. When asked why he does not want to keep the ring for the future he says that he feels the ring is unlucky for him. I know that if a guy proposed to me with a ring he has proposed to another woman with, I would not be too happy and feel second best. For the treasure hunters just hope that they have a portable technology to keep updated with the clues. Hopefully it is not the day that your Internet service is closed down for repair or your phone or laptop is on the fritz. Most importantly make sure they have paid their provider. It will be interesting to see who ends up finding the ring and if the clues are hard enough to keep it interesting but not too hard that no one will find the ring. At the end of the day even though it was bought for someone else and my partner went on a treasure hunt to find it I will still see it as a romantic gesture. I guess that is why I am a romantic.


  1. Oh I love this story, I think it is gorgeous!!

  2. *Chuckle* I just posted my silly story about how I lost mine... for a short while. Also realised (since it's been a while since I logged in) that your comment was waiting to be accepted - sorry bout that.

    Hey, how did the party go?