Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Naming Game

The biggest and most memorable day of your life has ended the guests have gone home, the cake has been distributed and your relaxing in your honeymoon suite. Your husband turns to you and says Mrs Bloggs shall we partake in some champagne. It is only then that you think do I want to be called Mrs Bloggs? Well this is a question that only women face do they change they name or keep their maiden name. When I was faced with this dilemma I knew straight away what I wanted to do. I was young impressionable and most importantly hated my maiden name there was no question I was going to change it. I have been married for quite a few years and I can't imagine not having my married name. It almost feels foreign to be called by my maiden name even though I have had my maiden name a lot longer than my married one. Believe me I am not against keeping your name, it is an individual choice one is not worse than the other. There are many reason for keeping it, family pressure, professional reasons and simply because you like it. On the other hand those same reasons could be said for changing it. It is also so unfair that a man does not face the same dilemma and it is only for the woman to make that decision. If the woman then decides to keep her name what happens when children arrive. Do they have their father's surname or the mother's surname or even worse make it a double barrelled name. I am sorry but I can't stand double-barrelled surnames they just sound ostentatious and wanky not to mention that the child has to grow up with a long surname. I guess the best compromise is using the maiden name as a middle name. I am not sure but somewhere along the line that happened in my family my brother and cousin have the middle name Hilton. Also outside my grandparents house was a sign bearing the same name when I enquired about it I was simply told it was a family name. I just hope that I am not related to Paris or even worse perez although thankfully I can't see the family resemblance.

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  1. You need to get yourself a flashy fugly handbag and a small canine now you know?

    I took my husband's name. I always wanted to. I didn't want to have a different surname to him and any kids. I like the kids and the parents to all have the same name. Not sure why, I just do. So it was never an issue for me.

    For my dad, it was another matter. Normally extremely conservative he shocked us all when he said he was upset and hoped I'd reconsider. Funny!