Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Mobile phone etiquette

Mobile phones are everywhere and people are so contactable these days there is no way of escaping the rat race unless you have signed up to a Buddhist retreat where no talking is allowed let alone mobile phone use. I am all for mobile phones I remember when I got mine I had to beg my DH to buy me one and he finally did when I was late back from a work trip and I couldn't tell him so he had to wait three hours as he could not contact me. Mobile phone are handy as you can find someone in a crowd and contact people when you are running late. Although there are rules of etiquette when using them. The more prevalent they have become the more people have become complacent of common courtesy. You know who I am talking about the people that answer their mobile phones at the cinema while watching the movie, or at a concert or a play. It is damn right rude and if they have to answer it for work purposes etc.. take it outside don't have your conversation while everyone else is trying to hear what is going on.

The reason I am writing about this is because I was at the supermarket today and a woman in front of me was gabbing on her phone. I was standing there waiting to put my items on the conveyor belt and she is standing there gabbing away ignoring the fact I am waiting behind her. When she finally got her act together and placed the items on the conveyor belt one by one because she was still talking on her mobile phone, I could finally put down the rather heavy milk bottle and frozen peas I was holding. It doesn't stop there from my guess she was talking to a rather new partner because she was giggling and carrying on. When she tells the person on the phone that she is at the supermarket and has to check her items through she suggestively says "Oh you behave I can't say that to the young man on the checkout" and looks directly at the check out assistant. Kudos to him for completely ignoring what she has said making her look foolish. In the meantime I am biting my lip as I know "Are you Serious?" will escape from my mouth any time soon. Once her items have gone through she hands the checkout assistant her eftpos card without a word as she is still talking on her phone, expecting him to zip it through for her. The only redeeming thing she did, was say Thank you as she was leaving although yes she was still having a conversation with the person on the other end. I know there are stores that will refuse to serve you if you are talking on your mobile phone and so they should. It is the height of rudeness to completely ignore the person that is serving you and carry on with a conversation that could wait. Not much is that urgent that you have to take the call. At work my phone rings incessantly but I refuse to answer it while I am talking to someone in front of me. Do you think that I am being overly harsh? or That there is a time and place for talking on your mobile phone?

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  1. Yeah you are justified that woman was super rude