Sunday, 14 June 2009

The impromtu dinner Party

On Friday night I suggested to DH to invite some friends we haven't been able to catch up with for a while since they have returned from overseas. It was logistically difficult because we live in the burbs and they don't have a car and for those that don't live in Canberra the weekend public transport is quite woeful. In the end my DH picked them up and dropped them home reluctantly though as it actually involved him to do something for the dinner other than setting up guitar hero world tour. Well that is not entirely true he also went shopping with me to buy ingredients for the dinner which I must admit I would of rather done it by myself. The whole experience was rather trying when looking at lamb for my Rogan Josh I get comments like "How much oh they are not going to get that much spent on them" Really annoying to say the least. Although when I went to the freezer section to choose a dessert he whined "What you are going to buy a packet, you are not make it from scratch" it was like i was going to feed them rat poison instead of Sara Lee dessert. Who do I look like Martha freaking Stewart? He says "Oh don't worry I will just make them my blueberry scones" that certainly got me in to gear as I knew A) He wouldn't make them or B) He would and as he never cooks ever I shudder to think how they would turn out. I had to think fast and as I had not come prepared I didn't have a list of ingredients with me. I remembered on the back of the packs of Philadelphia cream cheese is always some good dessert recipes. I had a quick look and I found one for a Black forest cheese cake so I made an executive decision to make it. I had never made it before but it had to be better then my DH's blueberry scones right.
So we get home and I start cooking straight away as the Rogan Josh had to be slow cooked and the cheesecake had to set. My DH was helping by cleaning out the dog kennels and vacuuming my car I am not sure how this helped with the impromptu dinner party we were having other than he was using my car to pick them up. Nonetheless I did manage to have the dinner cooking and the dessert setting the house cleaned, clothes hung up, and even had some Jazz music playing before they arrived an hour earlier than I had planned. They rang from the bus interchange to make it easier for DH to pick them up.

My Rogan Josh as always was great and the meat was tender from cooking for 7 hours. Although not to blow my own trumpet even though I had never made it before the Black forest cheesecake looked like the photo and tasted amazing. It was so light and the cherry sauce on top was delicious and the cherries inside the cheese cake added dimension. Eat your heart out Masterchef. I know how they feel when they do there pressure tests they get given a recipe and have to turn out a great dish without ever cooking it before. So much can go wrong you have to read the recipe very carefully I almost had a disaster as the ingredients asked for 300mls of thickened cream and when preparing it before I put it in the filling I read the method and saw it had to be whipped. So I had to whip the cream quickly and salvaged the dish. Imagine if I had just poured in the cream without whipping it I don't think it would of set properly. Also when I asked my DH to get me some plain chocolate biscuits for the base he got me scotch fingers with a chocolate bottom. The base turned out to be one of the features of the cheese cake and the dessert made the dinner party even if my DH claimed it was his was idea that I make the dessert from scratch and he chose the biscuits. I am still trying to work out how he claimed the glory for a beautiful dessert that I had made. At least in masterchef it is the cook that gets all the praise not the person that thought up the program.