Saturday, 20 June 2009


Yes it is that time of year again the End of Financial Year Sales. It is time when shops need to lower the prices to sell old stock before the End of the financial year on July 1st, which is a mere ten days away. Every other year I would always buy something that I didn't really need or if I really thought about it, really wanted. I just bought it because it was on sale. The big signs that scream half price, 20%-40%off, never repeated prices, low low prices, drew me like a moth to a flame. Well I am proud to say not this year. My DH and I went shopping and went to a few of the big End of Financial Year Sales and I came home empty handed. I could say it was the Global financial crisis which is making me keep my spending in check or could be that I have been unwell with sinus and ear infection for the last few days. No it was neither of those because you see the big sales that I referred to were at a tool and workshop store, Repco and few motorcycle stores. So even though I had came home empty handed I can not say the same for my DH.

When entering the first big sale at the tool and workshop store it was wall to wall with men trying to act like Tim the tool man Taylor pretending to know what the various tools and machines they were buying actually did. There were a few women in the store they were with their partners like myself. They were holding all sorts of tools so their partner could browse the many displays and tools on offer easily. I guess it was payback for the times that their partners stood out front of the changing rooms with an arm load of clothes as you all know you are only allowed four items in a change room at a time. Even I was holding a saw and a mallet which was rather dangerous as I am quite uncoordinated at the best of times. After half an hour I was feeling hot and faint as I had mentioned I was not well and to prevent an injury, I handed over the items and I went next door to the cafe for a latte. Finally an hour later my DH emerges with his arms full of purchases and like a kid coming from a candy store he proudly showed them all to me and leaving the best for last a Dremel that was on sale.

The conversation went like this-:
I asked "what does it do?"

My DH then went into what sounded like a sales pitch "oh it is great it engraves and is handy when wood working"
"Yeah great honey that would be handy if you actually did wood working"
"Well it is about time I took it up. Did I tell you it is also an engraver"
"Oh yes you could engrave a present for your parents 50th wedding anniversary"
"yeah that would be awesome"
"Yes it is only eight short years away"
"It has a five year warranty you know"
" I guess that is fair considering you would only pull it out to use it annually"
The poor girl who worked at the cafe who was on her break was trying to stifle her laughter at my DH trying to defend his purchase and me being quite facetious about it.

Don't feel too sorry for him though it was only payback for all the other years that I had succumbed to the EOFYS siren song and had to explain what I was going to do with three pairs of shoes as I only have one pair of feet or if I really needed yet another gadget for the kitchen. I guess it is all is fair in love and shopping.

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  1. Hey Miff,
    It is really great to see you having so much fun with your blog. I know you thought of being a journalist at one stage but I think this is way more fun and you can write what you really want - really great fun to read when I get a chance!