Friday, 12 June 2009

The 8o's Rocked

The 80's was the best decade to grow up in, it was a decade of funky fashion, cool music and extravagance. I feel lucky to have been able to experience it when I was young enough to soak it in and older enough to appreciate it. Ah they were the days where my naturally curly hair was in fashion, so was bubble gum jeans, neon socks and Mary Jane's, bubble skirts, stirrup pants (that one is for you Carolyn), lots of layers, shoulder pads, slutty make up and accessorising became an art form. It was the rise of the yuppie where material objects had become status symbols and keeping up with the Jones was a game of survival.

It was the decade that Madonna did her best work, Michael Jackson was still black, Tom Cruise was cool and Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan were signing duets. The movies were mainly about teenage angst (Breakfast Club, Weird Science and Pretty in Pink to name but a few) which always starred an actor from the Brat pack. They were not perverted a slice of American pie anyone with the exception of Porkys I won't even go there it makes even American Pie look G rated.

On television every night at six instead of the news countdown was on with Molly Meldrum and Saturday night was filled with Hey Hey it's Saturday with Darryl Sommers (before DWTS) and Ozzie ostrich. It was days of Johnny Young's Talent Time on the Sunday time slot before reality T.V turned into a competition aka Australian Idol. Dynasty and Dallas were the shows from America that both started with D and were about a family that were rich from oil, who were over indulged and at war with one another. I swear they were different shows. Just writing this my eyes mist with nostalgia, those were the days when we built this city on rock and roll and I thought they would never end. Then of course the 90's started and that is a decade that changed everything as I knew it.