Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Warning May offend some viewers

I know this topic is rather Gross but it has to be said at some point in time and today I have decided to talk about it. It is the toilet habits of work colleagues. I have just gone to the toilet in another level and area than I normally do and was shocked at what I found. On the back of the toilet door was a sign with the Bristol stool test I thought it must be some health check up sign to see if you are healthy or needed to run to a hospital urgently do not pass go and do not collect $200. So after reading about all the different variety of stools there are which there is a lot by the way at the bottom of the sign it said "No one else needs to know which one you are. Please make sure you flush it down." So it was nothing to do with health rather hygiene habits. I must say that is disgusting I would be mortified if I had done such an action and have been known to flush the toilet several times until it is given the all clear. There is also the matter of signs to wash your hands after going to the bathroom I mean isn't that obvious. You learn from an early age to wash your hands thoroughly after using the water closet. It is like that Seinfeld episode when Jerry sees the chef of the restaurant he is dining at in the bathroom and sees he doesn't wash his hands which put him off dining there. There are other bathroom habits too that are disgusting that happen from stories I have heard. Don't ask me how we go on to the topic but it was a real eye opener. Habits like spraying the bowl without cleaning it, flicking boogers on the back of the door and not using the sanitary pad bins provided. I have seen public toilets that are much better then that don't get me started about the blue lights that some have in them to prevent junkies shooting up. I could rant all day but that is another topic altogether. Not to say that I frequent men's bathrooms but I have heard that there is little difference between the sexes. There would always be a scene in Ally McBeal that was set in the unisex toilet at the law firm they worked in a modern but very awkward concept. So whether you are male or female work toilets can be fraught with danger. If there is something I learned today that there are many varieties of stools and not everyone flushes.

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