Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Twitter it is everywhere even in on my blog and everyone has opinion on it. On Good news week Clare Hooper made a valid point about how it gets a bad rap because the older generation don't understand and didn't grow up with it. The Y and Z generation have grown up with the Internet and e-mails where other generations are forever trying to catch up. I will freely admit that i am generation X and I grew up with commodore 64's where everything was on floppy disks and tapes. The information superhighway was as foreign to me as white Christmases. To me the super highway was a great way to get around it cut driving time in half didn't it. Now of course where would I be with out it. Even a debate over a commentator on the wedding makers show on ABC. My DH said that it was Chris Taylor from the chasers who was commentating on it. I didn't believe him and we made a bet and checked Google and in less time then to say Oops i was wrong we had established he indeed was the commentator for that show.

It was the same for Facebook and twitter I heard about them everywhere but I had no idea what they were, when they came up in conversation I would nod my head oh yeah I know aren't they cool. I feel so out of the loop I have a compulsion to go on there and join these new things called social networks. I found that facebook is good to keep you updated on your friends lives and of course it doesn't occur to me to visit them instead of communicating on the net. As for twitter it is so much more confusing as I have 60 people that are already following what I say and I don't know any of them and it has only being two days since i joined. It is cool in a way you can have a conversation with a celebrity anyone from Alyssa Milano to Kevin Rudd but most of the time it is just nonsense conversation that is going so fast I can't understand it. I try to keep up but I am sure it goes at the speed of light. I am slow as they come when texting my keyboard skills are much better but no where near the newer generations where their lives are either on the phone or the net. I think that our life's will belong to the computers and seeing the outside world and visiting friends is a thing of the past. Community spirit is slowly dying and the school of thought is that the world will revert back to the 50's where everything was about your neighbourhood, community and getting out there and meeting people and it will be computers that are left slowly dying. Only time will tell


  1. I totally agree thoroughly, have had similar thoughts myself in the last couple of months.

  2. I am sure you would remember the days when people that spent their lesiure time in front of a computer were geeks. Now there is social networks and being on a computer is considered cool. I must be old I just can't keep up.