Saturday, 30 May 2009


What is Thiris I hear you say. No it is not a STD or a rare dermatological condition it is having a thirty-something crisis. I have just picked up a book called thirty-something and over it. It is about a woman called Kasey who is having a Thiris where one day she woke up and didn't want to go to work ever again. All her life she has walked the right path. Kasey studied got a job in management and clawed and worked her butt off to become a consultant in change management. If our lives were a multiple choice quiz you could say that Kasey had ticked all the right boxes. Now she is questioning why? Does it give your life meaning? Does it make you superior to others who have strayed from the right path? Most importantly Does it make you happy? I know by now that you are questioning why I am banging on about a book I picked up in borders ( by the way is my favorite bookstore ingenious putting my two loves together books and coffee)
Anyway the reason I am relaying this fictitious novel is that I so identify with Kasey. I have always trod the right path that society sets out for me. I never do anything remotely out there always keep within the boundaries of polite society. My father is more exciting than me how sad is that. He is going to live out his dream and move to Thailand to set up an IT store and marry a woman he has only known for ten days. I get so excited telling his tales as I am living through him vicariously. I am the one always lecturing him on how to live the right life but now I am questioning if it is the right life and where that dirt covered track off the side of the right track leads? Just like Kasey I am having a Thiris. All the right boxes have been ticked and it is then I start to question why? The hardest part is what to do about it? Well as I am saying that life is like a multiple choice quiz here are my possible answers to this Thiris.

A) Nothing and hope it is a passing faze.
B) Pack up move somewhere exotic and leave my old life behind
C) Get drunk and party every night
D) Go on a quest of self discovery and find out what the meaning of my life is.

It is only four answers but it still leaves me in a quandary. As we all know what the right box is to tick and that would be A) Keep on keeping on and hope the feeling goes away. This would be the right thing to do but it still leaves a lot of burning questions left unanswered.
I could do B) like my father has chosen but I feel that I am way too Type A personality to embark on such a risky endeavour. I want to step off the track not get totally lost never to find it again.
There is C) I want to rock n Roll all night and Party every day! If I was 25 and had the stamina for several long nights of partying then just one night making me feel like a truck has hit me and then backed up to do it again. Just maybe this would be an option. Also there is the problem I am a two can Sam and would be blind drunk before I even left home.
Finally there is D) The spiritually aware and en lighting choice it seems the perfect thing for me to do. There is one problem though-: How do i do this? I think becoming a spiritually aware person as far as that goes I already am. Also the modern age isn't really equipped for a person to go on a quest of self discovery of enlightenment. A conservation with my supervisor
Me:- I want to take a sabbatical for a year.
Supervisor:- Oh yes for a course that will maximise your potential in the workplace.
Me-: Uh No I am heading off on a quest of self discovery to find the meaning of my life.
From this point I am sure that
A) I will end up in a mental Asylum
B) My supervisor suggests some time off to reevaluate my priorities.
C) Given a promotion so I can really discover the meaning of my life
None of which would help me in my quest.
So now I know what to do but have no idea on how to do it.
There is one more question that remains
Why does being thirty-something have to be so darn hard?


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  2. Holy moly. I just turned 20 and my mom gave me a book called the quarterlife crisis (thanks mom...). That book tries to help me figure out what I want to do with my life.

    I'm so busy trying to figure this out I haven't even started preparing for the next decade which could potentially be an epiphany telling me that I wasted the last 20 years trying to get to the opposite position than what was meant to be!

    So is life I guess.

    Good luck.

  3. Shawna you are right. You spend your 20's figuring out what you want to do and achieving it. Then spend you thrities resenting your choices and trying to figure out what you want and achieving it. They say life begins at 40 maybe this is the beggining.