Friday, 8 May 2009


On Wednesday to try and make my blog real time I tried to use my smart phone to blog. I took pictures and wrote an e-mail at the bowling alley to send to the blog which automatically up loads on here. So I wrote an entry and took photos of my lucky green socks and a picture of me in my signature move sent the e-mail thinking that is oh so ultra cool and can make technology work for me. Well unbeknowst to me that my phone was having a hissy fit and could not send the e-mail. I noticed this the next day I thought oh well I will still try and do it even if it is not real time. After many failed attempts and it still did not work I then accidentally deleted it and now I can't even use this masterpiece of writing. :) The photos were so good too. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without technology. How did I ever find any information without the Internet, keep in touch without mobile phones and keep up to date with e-mail without having to wait for a letter in the mail. I mean there is several different ways you can be asked out or dumped nowadays land line, mobile,text, e-mail, fax and even social networks like Face book and my space. I have even heard that the humble postcard is going belly up due to people taking a picture sending it from their phone in real time no need for a postcard which will most likely get there after you get home. All this glorious technology can conspire against you though and at the most crucial time and without the knowledge to fix it can be frustrating and time consuming. Although given the chance to live without this technology would I do it. I would really have to think about it I mean go back to writing letters, doing the interstate call on a Sunday night when the rates where cheap, reference an encyclopedia and have to heaven forbid get up of my butt to walk across the room to my colleague to discuss a work matter. Even have to find a working pay phone to call someone when I am out and about. There is a short story by Ray Bradbury that was about a guy on a bus that goes postal by the incessant need of everyone to keep in contact with various technologies which he describes in detail. This was written a good 35 years ago it is amazing that he describes the world we live in now almost perfectly. I don't know if Ray Bradbury was a prophet or had a good imagination or both. The one thing I know is that the landscape of our everyday life has changed and you either move with them or be left behind. I would rather keep up with the times as it moves so fast I'll miss it. So to answer my question even though technology can sometimes not work it is something I can not live without. As for that entry that did not work out there is always next week.

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