Monday, 4 May 2009

Saturday morning

In my house as we are a couple without children our Saturday morning consists of sleeping in till 10 am(those with children now now don't get jealous) and then pottering around in our PJ's while we have breakfast, watch TV, have showers and get ready for the day. By the time all this happens it is normally 12 noon and the afternoon is beginning. This Saturday was different we were up showered dressed and dropping off the car at Tuggeranong all before 8:30Am. While waiting for the car we went and had breakfast at a cafe along Southlife on Ankatell. Sitting there in the morning light bathing the pavement, eating a scrumptious breakfast and reading the paper I was thinking does life get any better. My back was warmed by the sun I was reading about the hottest trends in Kitchens and it turn out that without any guidance I managed to choose the right things for my new Kitchen. My DH read the auto section and you can't forget the news headlines on what is happening globally. It was such enjoyable experience, it has inspired me to get up early on a Saturday morning bike ride to Tuggeranong to have breakfast and read the paper. I would walk my dogs but they would make such a racket and disturb everyone around them I would leave terribly embarrassed so best to leave them home. So that is what I am endeavouring to do every Saturday morning maybe even convince the DH to do some god forbid exercise. As for that sleep in until 10am well there is always Sunday.

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