Friday, 15 May 2009

Rolling on by

Ah my post from last week has decided to arrive without any warning. Oh well better late than never as i had feared it had been lost.

Tonight is league ten bowling we change times so we have gone from social to premier league. How scary is that. I am lucky to get a strike once the whole three games. Even my signature move (the ballerina) & lucky green socks are not helping. Everyone else can pull off three strikes in a row. Maybe I am confused as Baseball is my summer sport. In Baseball three strikes & your out in ten pin bowling it is a fantastic stroke of luck. Well because we changed times we have to restart our handicaps and I am making sure mine is high as it is the only way to look like a great bowler & start the game off with 100 or so points. Anyway dear readers here are some photos of my (un) lucky green socks & me doing my famous signature move the Ballerina. Enjoy!

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