Sunday, 10 May 2009

Mother's Day

If you believe the sales marketing hype on the lead up to Mother's day that everyone can be involved in the day. If you are not a mother yourself then you can celebrate with your own mother. Well this is not technically correct I can say it is not for everyone there is the unfortunate souls that are not a mother themselves and have lost their mother whether it is to the afterlife or from separation. These people are on outer fringes of mother's day and can see the world of mother -daughter relationships from a different perspective looking from the outside in. There is nothing middle of the road about mother-daughter relationships. Mother and Daughters either love each other, are each others best friends go shopping together, talk every day and rely on each other in times of trouble like Patty Newton and Lauren Welsh. On the other hand there is the mother -daughter relationship that they love them but have nothing in common with them and can't stand being the same room for 5 minutes. They can't understand them and their advice always sounds like a lecture or they are one of those mothers that think they are 30 years younger than they are. They have a good relationship growing up but as they head into womanhood the relationship sours and mother and Daughter can not see eye to eye on anything like Drew Barrymore and her mother pictured below. It does not matter what the age, religion and race you are mother- daughter relationship are simply black or white no grey in between. Although whether the relationship is a wonderful thing or a strained at best Mother's day is always the day that being with mum is top priority. For those like me we can only hope at best to be an outsider in a world we can not understand even though the mother - daughter relationship is complicated it is always built on love which is something can not be forgotten.

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  1. And there are those mothers who may not have biologicals but who turn out to be the moms that every kid wants - the cool moms who don't nag, the moms who are more like grandmas with the yummy treats, who have all the time, energy and fun times for when the other moms are just too god dam stuffed! ;)

    I have another friend who does not have any children because she had to have her uterus removed but she is the best community mom and all the kids love her because she is just the ants pants.