Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Finding courage

Every person possess courage it is there deep within their soul. It is a matter of finding it that is the key. Just like the lion in the wizard of Oz he already had courage but thought a medal of bravery made him courageous all it did was make him believe in himself. Just like most human emotions it cannot be bought and when faced with danger our natural instincts are fight or flight.

I was watching insight in February and the debate was on finding courage which you will find here. There was a young woman Natalie Gullace on the program who was one of the workers in Melbourne who witness the triple shooting in 2007. I really identified with how Natalie was feeling. Natalie described herself as a adventurous risk taker who thought that if faced with a dangerous situation she would step up and take action. When all was said done and it came to the point that she saw a man shoot three people and turned the gun on her instead she found herself paralyzed with fear and hid behind a wall for cover. A gun had been pointed at her and she was frozen couldn't move the fear gripped her so tightly. Luckily the gunman ran and did not shoot her. In the aftermath Natalie had lost her courage and found it hard just to go out alone. I understand how she feels I too am a adventurous risk taker and I always thought in a dangerous situation I would step in and help now I am not too sure if I would. I guess in the 10 seconds you have to react you don't think about and it is your natural instinct that kicks in. It does not help when a money grubbing, limelight stealing, orange faced bogan pretends that she has witnessed a shooting here. Clare Werbeloff has made a mockery of what people go through in these situations and has been disrespectful to the family of the man that was shot. The only courageous thing she has done was admit that she lied.

Courage is not only how you would react in a dangerous situation it is standing up for what you believe, facing adversity or just getting out of bed and facing the day. Everyone is courageous in some way shape or form it only takes for us to believe in ourselves to let the courage within shine.

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