Wednesday, 6 May 2009

dog park

This morning it was very foggy and extremely wet and cold. Nonetheless the dogs and I went for a walk and I decided this morning to take them to the new dog park by the lake. We walked the long way there and went in, which was where the trouble started. For those that don't know it my dogs are not very socialised with other dogs and even though they are little dogs they will challenge the big ones. My little Sophie is a self confessed Drama Queen and to make matters worse a Miss bossy boots as well. Jo-Jo is a little better behaved but can bark and upset other dogs. I let them off their leashes for a little run around as this what the park is for and there was another kelpie in there as well a medium size dog called Jacko. At first my two had a little sniff at Jacko and seemed unperturbed by him and went about sniffing the ground. It was when Jacko started chasing the ball they got all excited and ran over to Jacko as fast as their little legs could carry them. They did some more sniffing then they chased Jacko and bailed him up at a tree. Poor Jacko with no where to go started barking and his owner who was nearby grabbed him and put him back on his leash. I came running over all apologetic saying it not your dog it is mine they are so unsociable. I can't believe I have raised two little bullies if they were children they would be the ones in the yard that pushes the other kids over especially Sophie her favorite pastime other than cuddles is to menace other dogs. This is even after she has been bitten by another dog, I don't think she has heard the saying once bitten twice shy.
Unfortunately due to their bad behaviour they only got to stay for a few minutes and we headed back home. We took the short route home and by the time we got there they were filthy dirty. When I left home they were white and when I returned home they were black. It looks like two little dogs will be getting a bath, hair dry and comb this weekend. If Sophie is lucky I will give her a quick haircut as well. I am not sure if I keep taking them to the park to socialise them or if it would be better to keep them away from other dogs. This is where I need Victoria(Me and my dog) the dog trainer she would know what to do. Maybe I should write her an e-mail and persuade her to come to Australia to do an episode.

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