Thursday, 28 May 2009

David Attenborough Special

Tonight I have been observing some fascinating creatures Ten Pin Bowlers. Ten pin bowlers natural habitat is among garish colours and bright lights, they seem to thrive on lots of noise and activity. The Ten pin Bowler's aim in life is to knock ten white sticks over with a sphere and it seems the brighter colour of this sphere the better. There are two types of Ten Pin bowlers the Glider and the thrower. The Glider is the most common type of Ten Pin bowler as it gracefully glides towards to the black line and rolls the sphere towards the sticks with minimal amount of noise. The thrower or colloquially know as the chucker is not as common but does seem to be on the rise. The thrower stomps to the black line pauses then proceeds to toss the sphere high in to the air where it lands halfway down the alley of polished ground with an almighty thump. It seems the thrower is trying to catch the sticks of guard and make them unbalanced making them easier to knock over. Ten Pin bowlers seem to move in packs called teams and it seems that both variety of the Glider and Thrower can live in harmony on the same team. In the past few months I have joined a team and I can tell you through extensive research that they are creatures of habit. Ten Pin bowlers will always like to use the same sphere in a brightly coloured shades. I myself have taken a shine to a fluro pink sphere. There is also the order of things usually the weakest goes first to gain support from the rest of the pack. When this order has been changed it confuses the Ten Pin bowler and there is the chance they can get aggressive. They are very territorial and will rip apart any other bowler that is in their area when they are bowling. Although on the whole the Ten pin bowlers live in harmony amongst the garish colours and bright lights and always seem to be happy with their lot in life.

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