Sunday, 17 May 2009

Clash of the Titans

In every marriage there is an issue that can't easily be resolved and all manners of compromise simply won't work. It starts of as a small issue but soon balloons into a massive one and the clash of the titans or the battle of wills begin. Both sides believe they are right and are digging in their heels hoping to break the other. It is a game of strategy and sheer stubbornness and may the best man or woman win.
The issue that I have in my marriage at the moment is sleeping arrangements. I will confess as everyone usually denies it, I am a Snorer. Yes My nose may be tiny but boy it makes a lot of noise when in a state of unconsciousness. It is not something I can cure easy and is something my DH has a problem dealing with. His solution of course is that I sleep downstairs to the spare bedroom and you guessed it my solution is that he sleeps down there. So the games have begun with him waking me when he comes to bed and every time I wake him with snoring he shakes me awake even if they are 5 seconds apart. On my side I have dug in my heels and I am not giving in when I sleep in the spare bed it causes migraines. It does not cause them every day or if I sleep down there for one night but they will occur after sleeping on the spare bed for a week or so. DH's argument is that the spare bed is too short for him and my solution is that he can sleep diagonal as it is a double bed. Regardless of the reason neither side is crumbling this battle has been raging for a couple of weeks and both sides are weary. Weariness causes irritability which both sides are showing quite a lot at the moment. This unrest has caused a lot of tension but just tonight my DH proposed a compromise of taking turns in the spare bed which I have rejected. I know he is starting to break I have him cornered and a couple more nights and he will be sleeping in the spare bed. I wonder why he bothers he knows when I make up my mind no one and nothing can change it. Once I have dug in my heels it is far easier to concede than try to outplay me. After 9 years of marriage you would think he would know that by now. Maybe he needs reminding.

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