Thursday, 14 May 2009


Budget! Budget! that is all I hear at the moment. The federal budget has just been released this week on the 12th of May and the ACT budget was released last week on the 5th of May. My DH speaks of nothing else how we should be doing a household budget. Who knew that a budget wasn't just having enough money in the bank to cover wants and needs. Apparently you have to write everything you spend on things annually and make sure it is presented in a pretty green folder. I can tell you though it might be only a household budget but the budget cuts are quite savage but at least there was no cuts in grocery shopping and electricity usage. Yes we are using our heater even if I have to twist DH's arm to turn it on. When my recently heated food starts to congeal in less than a minute, it is time to turn the heater on. I was lucky I managed to get my quite expensive boots passed before the budget talks began. Just like the government my DH writes up the budget and tables it before the household and I have a right of reply and block any objections in the upper house which is the bedroom. Well we all know what happens to blocked objections in the bedroom and yes the budget cuts are quickly forgotten. Ah democracy even in a average household it has it's place

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