Friday, 22 May 2009

Auctioning virginity online

An 18 year old has auctioned her virginity online for nearly $20,000 dollars (AU).

Is this a new concept or has bidding for girl's virginity been around for centuries. We all know that prostitution is the oldest vocation there is but is that any different to selling your virginity. The Japanese Geisha's have auctioned their virginity for countless centuries, it is all part of being a Geisha and depending on how she plays the game is how high the money will be. The money never went to them though they went to the house that raised and taught them the ways of the Geisha. It does look like though the 18 year old girl also will not receive all the money as the Tax man wants his slice of the pie. Link

Alina Percea who is Romanian born is using the money to pay off her student loans and enjoyed the experience as the man that won the Auction was a nice guy and very gentle lover. Alina has said that she will do it again with him for free next time. This begs the question is it blatant prostitution or A inventive idea for a young girl to get out of debt and enjoy her first time as well?
I will let you be the judge.

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