Tuesday, 28 April 2009


Winter has started early as there is already snow on the mountains that is at least 20Cm's depth in parts. It is very impressive it is the best I have seen since 2000 when even Canberra had a flurry of snow in May. What is even more interesting it is an odd year as I have a theory that it is a bumper snow season every even year. This theory has served me well until this year where the snow is already thick laying the foundation for a bumper snow season and it doesn't officially start until the June long weekend.

Now since winter has started early instead of moaning I have come up with a list of 20 things on Why Winter Rocks-:

1. An excuse to buy a new Jacket, gloves and hat to match

2. Dark colours are back which are good for making your figure look more svelte

3. Can start wearing boots and don't have to stress about waxing legs, bikini line etc.. ( I know if i wasn't wearing boots I would be handed in to the zoo mistaken for gorilla)

4. Look fashionable with the layered look.

5. The summer natural makeup look is out and the more dramatic winter makeup look is in better to hide imperfections.

6. Can sit by the fire and enjoy it

7. Soups and Casseroles recipes come out and nice warm comfort food is served yum

8. Puddings need I say anymore

9. Lots of coffee just to keep warm.

10. Putting on a bit of weight is put down to insulation during the cold winter months not because you are lazy

11. Gives you a good reason to stay in bed under the warm doona

12. Gives you a reason to go to bed early and snuggle.

13. A nice hot relaxing bath

14. Hibernating with DVD's at home

15. Snow as no Snowflake is alike and is so beautiful to watch falling from the sky

16. skiing and snowboarding as they are always awesome fun.

17. Cute skiing/snowboarding instructors for those like me that are not that good at it.

18. Sipping liqueur at the bar on the snowfields for those who aren't into skiing or snowboarding

19. Footy season starts

20. Finally you don't need a reason to give your husband when you stayed home all day with heater going and slothed in front of the TV it is winter after all.

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