Thursday, 23 April 2009

Tying up loose ends

I have been so busy today I have to read a submission before tommorow with changes for the meeting first thing. I also want to finish sewing my jacket as winter is approaching fast. ANZAC day signfies the start of winter which is in two days. I want my jacket to be ready but I have to finish it first. It is a lovely jacket herringbone pattern with satin ruffled edges and a satin ribbon as a belt. It matches my gorgeous boots that I got for my birthday that DH bought for me. Luckily I have dinner under control and I can just do the things I have to do. After all this activity I will have to get some sleep.
I am living on coffee lately luckily our new coffee machine makes the best coffee ever. I have not been game to try the cristallised ginger coffee. I think that I should try it who knows it could be the best. Anyway better head off home to tie all those loose ends up and get some sleep.

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