Sunday, 26 April 2009


One thing I can't understand is that they have so much reality T.V these days it started with big brother and a couple of reno shows and has blown out into everything from Singing, dancing, cooking , losing weight and boring shows of peoples everyday life. What is the appeal about reality it is so hum drum and never lives up to any-ones expectations. You try and cook a dish that is shown on TV it looks fantastic and so easy to do and everything is cut up beautifully in glass bowls. In reality when cooked in a your kitchen where there is no kitchen hands to peel potatoes and cut up everything ready to go and the appliances that you use are still in Fahrenheit. The dish is so much more complex than you imagined and it takes hours not minutes and it certainly doesn't take two minutes in the oven coming out looking divine it is a sloppy mess that hardly resembles food. Could this be the appeal that everyone loves to watch. I am sure if there was a reality TV show of my house last night it would be fantastic to watch as my DH and I were trying to cover our fridge in stainless steel film. As we have a new Kitchen DH is too tight to buy a new fridge so I decided to fake having a new fridge and bought some faux stainless steel film from America. The pictures on the internet looked amazing it looked so easy to do it would make the fridge look like a new appliance.

Well when we actually tried this with our own fridge the reality was totally different. Instead of having a beautiful smooth finish like the pictures on the internet ours is bubbly and not sticking properly on the sides sort looking like a botched school book from days past. The more it was smoothed with the squeegee provided with it the more bubbles showed up else where. It was a fruitless and exhaustive exercise in frustration. I have taken it in my stride and covered it with magnets and notepads and bills just what it should be covered with and have thought well the fridge is 25 years old it is practically on its last legs and might not see the year out who really cares. My DH on the other hand is beside himself that we couldn't do the job that well and the contact was not cheap. Like I said Reality never turns out the way you would expect we put a lot of pressure and expectations on ourselves only to discover that we only human all along. As for reality TV the reasons that I discussed are the reasons it so compelling because I know if my house was an episode last night it would of been a ratings winner and at least got a nomination nod for a logie.

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