Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Pin spinning

After doing some damage control on a crisis at work I was running late for bowling. Yes I am part of a bowling league can't say that I am all that good at it but i give it a go. I got 3 strikes out of 30 frames played My average is 77 not all that good but it gives me a great handicap. So every game I start at 110 points which makes me look like I just had a great game but in reality my team mates score higher than me. I see little old ladies that totter up to the line and sort of drop the ball and score strikes and have a way better average than me. I tried to do that today tottered up to the line sort dropped the ball and watch it roll into the gutter. DOH! There must be an art to it or is it just plain luck or it might be both? There are bowlers that have a couple of specially made bowling balls the holes cut out to fit their fingers. They wear fancy shoes not the old tattered rental shoes that there is no way that you would be caught dead in them outside the bowling alley. They have bling wrist guards that are all metal and they look like Freddy Kruger.

Does all this fancy equipment help or is it all show and no go? Could someone that rents the shoes and uses the ball from the bowling alley beat the guy next to them decked out in a fancy kit and a shiny new ball that you can see your reflection in. Having said that the old lady that totters up to the line, sort of drops the ball and blows away the competition wears rental shoes and borrows the ball from the bowling Alley and has a cloth wrist guard . Maybe I have answered my own question and bowling is just luck. After all when you bowl the ball and it hits the pins dead centre every pin falls down except the pin that is dead centre that is not just bad luck it is just plain annoying.

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