Tuesday, 21 April 2009


I just got back form mittagong after having a business dinner. The other members of the meeting were from Sydney so we met in the middle more closer to Sydney but that is neither here nor there. Who Knew Mittagong has a lovely Italian restaurant with French doors and a beautiful courtyard. It was too cold to sit outside but the atmosphere inside was cosy and intimate. It was really busy for a Tuesday night a lot of people came down from Sydney to dine there. As we chose Mittagong there was not a lot of choice for dining it was the quaint Italian place or the RSL. Thankfully there was not much choice as I had inadvertently left my mobile phone in my car when I changed over to my DH's car. My mobile phone held the only number I had of these people we were meeting, they were going to choose where to eat once they got there and I had never met them before. I was getting concerned on how I was going to find them as we were driving there this evening but I thought Mittagong is a country town with a main street and probably only about three restaurants open it shouldn't be that hard. As we drove through I was right there was the RSL the dodgy Chinese restaurant and the quaint Italian. I decided to try the Italian place firstly because it was the first restaurant as you drive in to Mittagong from Sydney and secondly it was the nicest from the outside. Well I was right and found them in the Italian place. I guess this is a reminder of the days without mobile phones where you had to use your instincts and plain old common sense to find people when meeting up. These days if you are going out on the town everyone is texting and calling to see where everyone is but when I went out we met up without any drama we had to plan but it worked out just fine. No I am not that old but I do think the Y generation would be lost without this technology. Take away their gadgets you might as well render them blind. Ah the good old days where finding friends was as easy as picking up the land line or bike riding to their house had no clue what their address was just knew how to get there.

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