Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Let the good times roll

Like any sport ten pin bowling has its highs and lows. For couple of frames of the game you are on a fire, really got your groove, it is all going on strike after strike and then suddenly as it came it disappears and you are lucky to get three pins at once. To help me improve my game I have developed a signature move called the Ballerina. As I swing my arm up to throw the ball down the alley my right leg swings up in the air forming an Arabesque. I look something like the picture below.

For those non believers of ten pin bowling would you believe it has it's celebrities too just this week even though it was a social game our opposing team had Ian Thorpe and Noel Gallagher playing on it. Alright it wasn't exactly the super fish and the bad boy rocker but that was their real names so they said. Apparently they have been mistaken for them before I will admit in a really badly lit room but hey I still can have street cred that I went ten bowling with an Australian Icon and a Gallagher brother.

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  1. Loved your picture! Interesting to read (owen has been keeping me up all hours and my poor eye balls are suffering so haven't written anything in a few days but hope to soon :)