Wednesday, 29 April 2009

celebrity indiscretions

Last night I was on Facebook and I did a quiz on 'What celebrity would I marry?' I know riveting and oh so educational but it got me thinking. The reason is the celebrity that I would marry is Jude Law. In the comment box I wrote "I agree with this Jude Law is so hot. Too bad he is a cheating rat we could of been so happy." The whole Jude law , Sienna Miller and the Nanny love triangle happened in 2005 a good 4 years ago but I still don't see him as charming just a cheating rat that got what he deserves. Come to think of it I still don't see Hugh Grant the same way anymore after his little indiscretion with a prostitute which was in 1995 which is 13 years ago. Even his then girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley has forgiven him and moved on but the majority of females across the world have not. The long line of latest celebrity scandals have been Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and the Nanny love triangle and he seemed like such a nice guy and hot to boot. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman and Penelope Cruz Scandal I still don't care that both are married to other people I still can't forgive Tom for what he did to our Nic. Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Yeah yeah Angelina is the hottest female on the planet but that is still no excuse. Even the likes of the sweet looking innocent Matthew Broderick was not immune to being unfaithful. Finally and most disappointing is Mel Gibson a devout catholic all round good guy who has been married for eternity and seemed like they had a fairytale marriage has cheated on his wife of 28 years. The talk is his mistress is pregnant with his child. How could this be, not Mel Gibson, he is Australian and I grew up with his movies. The one thing that was always made clear he was happily married and a great dad to his seven children. I am sure that females across the planet are aghast with what he has done and will never forgive him. Why is it that women can't forgive these celebrities? Maybe it is that these men are seen as idols and to accept their behaviour is to endorse it. Maybe it is that if women forgive celebrities their indiscretions it would mean that they are more likely to forgive their partner of the same behaviour. Whatever the reason I can't help feeling sorry for these men they will forever be branded as a no good cheating rat and future relationships will be tainted before they begin. After all if I still haven't forgiven them and I am a nobody what must the women on the A list be thinking. Hopefully for these men the A list women know what tinsel town is about and are more forgiving than the women in the General population. If not there is always the women in tinsel town that a no good cheating rats themselves but that is another story entirely.

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