Monday, 20 April 2009

Burning the candle at both ends

When I arrived home I had two big boxes waiting for me it was very exciting as it marks the start of my new business venture. Yes i have added yet another thing to my forever expanding schedule. If there was anyone that wished that i could stop time or there was more than 24 hours in a day it was me. My day started at 5 am when i awoke to get to work at 6 AM as I had an orientation to organise and plan which started at 8-am. I had just moved offices which I love as my new office is fantastic plenty of light a sort of good view of the Brindabellas and most importantly a ante room lined with shelves. I use it as a store room which makes my office look amazing and minimal of paper and junk because I have the whole room to store all that if only i could have one at home i would be a happy woman. Even though the move was a good one I still have a lot of things in boxes and couldn't find anything this morning for the orientation. Then Of course the laptop was having conniptions and refused to work. Mondayitis well I still had to get to work at 6-am at least it could start to work at 8-am. Bloody computers only work when they feel like it. At least I don't have stress about a laptop this Thursday for the presentation handouts are provided yay! The rest of the day was a tornado of paperwork sorting out all the issues and e-mails not to mention the barrage of phone-calls to and fro. Ah office work you have to love it.

So it was good to come home to my new business venture and all the reading material I am sure that paperwork stalks me at every corner. So now I work way more than full time lucky I love my job, starting a new business up, singing in a choir, being a pop-culture trivia queen, in a bowling league and finding time for my family. I have to prioritise and the first thing I drop is my exercise regime. I do love going to the gym but it does cut into your time. Finding 4 hours a week doesn't sound like a lot but if you calculate sleeping time, work time, choir practice, trivia night, bowling night it is hard to manage. I am however thinking about learning the Lindy Hop and get exercise while learning something new and having fun. Maybe I should start going to the earthly delight balls again they are great fun there I go again trying to fit a million things in to a 7 day week. I guess the balls are only once a month and I do like to dress up. The next month is Queen Victoria ball maybe a little repressed for me but if i have time I will check it out. Well off to bed now was up early and have another early start just to catch up and save the world one issue at a time.

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  1. Hey Miff, I was really angry and pissed off too over what you did to Alex and mum but family and friends can make mistakes, it's what we do after we have made them that matters. Time goes by, it's good to talk, get it out and move on otherwise you fill up with bitterness and stew over things.

    I would love to have a cuppa somewhere and talk - I mean really talk. Lets get it out but lets forgive - I think it's time and if we go our separate ways then at least it will be with peace - yeah? I was really sad they way things ended. I know we were both angry and that's when friends and family say the worst things to each other... it's just sad. I sent you a text which has my mob number and left a message for you at home. Hope to hear from you soon.