Monday, 31 May 2010

Dream a little Dream with me

Dreams, no not something you aspire to be or where you would like to see yourself in the future, the dreams that happen during rapid eye movement. Everyone has dreams not everyone remembers them and some wish they didn't. Every night we drift off to sleep and dream but most importantly we also dream as we are slowly waking up. The dreams we have in the morning before waking up are the most interesting. These dreams are the windows to our soul and even if they seem confusing they make sense once interpreted. At the moment I am going through a period of having lucid dreams that are extremely detailed and seem so real that I wake up expecting it to carry on to my waking state. They have been so vivid lately I have taken to writing them down to make sense of what they are telling me and what action is needed. When Sigmund Freud discussed dream psychology with his colleagues they laughed at him and thought him to be a crank and didn't believe dreams to be anything but random pictures in our heads that don't make sense. Now as we advance into the 21st century our dreams are thought be a glimpse into who we really are, what is bothering us and what we truly want from the world. I have always believed that my dreams let me in to my inner sanctum that even my waking mind won't let me enter.

A time before twilight I had a dream about vampires and I was so frightened that when the alarm went off I just lie there absolutely petrified not wanting to open my eyes. Later that day I read the dream interpretation of my dream and dreaming about vampires was that someone in your life was draining you of energy and it was time to distance yourself from this person. I knew exactly who this was and I took the advice and distanced myself. I felt much better straight away and never dreamt of vampires again. No not even Robert Patterson, beside I am totally on Team Jacob.

Even though dream psychology has come a long way since Sigmund Freud, I still don't think that precognitive dreams are as accepted. There a lot of movies on it and even a TV show but I still believe dreaming of the future is not talked about. Every time I watch Medium I think how brave Allison Dubois is when she calls the police when she sees a horrific crime in her dreams. I wonder if the average person who also had this gift would be so forward, scared that they will end up in a mental asylum or worse gaol. Yes I have had precognitive dreams in the past and frankly they are just confusing and frightening. I am certainly no Allison more of a Cassandra the Greek princess that had been given the power of prophecy but doomed never to be believed.

Even though we don't always understand them and sometimes are frightened by them they will always be a part of who we are. So come on dream a little dream with me.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Turning Japanese

I can't believe how time flies it only seemed like Yesterday that it was New years Eve and I was ringing in the New Year. Now it is March the third month of the year where did the time go? In January I thought I have stacks of time to organise myself for when we go to Japan for a month. Now I am panicking that there is not enough time to do everything. Just learning the basic necessities to get by in Japanese is proving to be difficult. Japanese is quite a difficult language just to get the pronunciation right is fraught with laughter as my DH tells me I say Japanese words in an Aussie ocker accent. There is one consulation though Japanese is such an old language they don't have Japanese words for modern new words for example the "Internet" in Japanese is"intaanetto" or "hotel" is "hoteru", they have difficulty pronouncing L so they replace it with an R and the U is silent. So even if I manage to learn the basic Japanese language there is also the currency exchange rate. There is 80 yen to one Aussie dollar. So I am not that good with languages I am far worse with numbers, my DH is drilling me now 10,000 yen what does it convert to it takes me ages to work it out($120 roughly for those that have trouble with numbers like me). I am going to download a basic currency converter program on my mobile but I know that I can't rely on technology all the time. I was going to put a language program on to my Ipod and just use it as my voice and play it to the Japanese people lets face they would have more of chance understanding the Ipod than my Aussie accent. I however changed my mind because I thought that would be really rude and I have already almost caused a diplomatic incident in several other countries to date.

I love to travel but it always brings out my Type A personality even though this time we are using a travel agent the only way to go I might add. We got all our documents this weekend and even though our travel agent went through everything, I still had to go through it again in minute detail. Where were we sitting on the plane, what time do we arrive in Narita airport, what time the last train out of Narita to Tokyo leave and where we want to visit in Tokyo in which district and map out the shortest route to get to all these places. However this has it advantages like that we are arriving in Narita a 9:30 pm the ticket office closes at 9:45 pm and even if we make that the last train to Tokyo leaves at 10:15 pm. So it looks like arranging transport to the hotel and another couple of days in Tokyo so we can fit in all the Tokyo tourist sites and even a trip to Dinseyland. The best thing though it is not me arranging things it is the travel agent did I say that I highly recommend this. I know I will obsess over every detail beforehand but I also know I will enjoy the holiday. Sayonara.

Monday, 2 November 2009


I purport to be a risk taker love doing adventures things like bungee jumping, abseiling off the Sydney harbour bridge, being a motorbike rider and just signed up for a scuba diving course. Although I do these risky things I have never had to be hospitalised before never broken a bone, needed stitches or hurt myself other than a few scratches and bruises. So I was unprepared last week when I went into the emergency room with a servere pain in my side after waiting four hours which I thought would be a Kidney infection and they would give me antibiotics and I would be one my way. Instead I was poked and prodded had a cannula put in my arm and poked and prodded some more. After a CT scan they had discovered that it was bad and I was admitted at 2 am in the morning. I was hooked up to a IV machine giving me fluids and the strong antibiotics and pain relief. I awoke at 7:30 am for the doctors told I was to stay in hospital for four days. The IV antibiotics were very strong they caused me to vomit every time I moved and I would feel nausea all the time and vomited 7 to 8 times a day. The worse part was that I was not eating anything at all so i would vomit bile which was left a foul taste in my mouth. I also hated the feeling of not being in control as I couldn't stop what drugs were pumped in my body being hooked to a machine was hard because I couldn't rush to the bathroom if I were ill.

I felt powerless and everything was out of my control and just wanted to go home. I am your typical Type A I always have a plan and I am in full control at all times even if it does not seem like it. I know that seems strange since I love to do risky out of control things but I know my limits and like I said I have never had to be in hospital before this. It is strange to reflect on how you cope with different situations and I always knew I would be a terrible patient because I am way to independent and like to have some control over what is happening to my body. In the end i started refusing to take oral medications and they were not forced on me. The Nurses were lovely and helped out a lot although I probably gave them a hard time as I didn't like what was happening and wanted to go home. I did however get to go home a day early of which i as thankful. The most interesting thing is how people perceive things when my DH was hospitalised for a couple of weeks after a motorcycle accident and he would accidentally call the hospital the Hotel. I on the other hand kept accidentally referring the the hospital as a prison. I am sure Sigmund Freud would have a lot to say about that.

Monday, 28 September 2009


Everyone has a way to relax some people draw a bath, others pour a glass of wine and some people exercise. The way that I relax is to go to a bookstore as soon as I step into one I feel so at peace and all my every day stresses just melt away. I find the smell of freshly printed books intoxicating, holding a book that has not been opened is so exciting as I am exploring virgin territory and just touching spines of new books sends a thrill up my own spine. I love borders the bookshop the most as it has a coffee shop within which combines my two loves in one store if given the chance I would never leave. I love books and growing up I was a self confessed bookworm that would love reading and go on amazing adventures without ever having to leave the house. I learnt to read early at the age of four and have not stopped since, I was also a precocious child and reading satisfied my overactive imagination. This is the reason I love Anne of Green Gables so much was that Anne reminded me of myself and like her found reading was so addictive because even if it was just for a little while you had the chance to escape real life. I was suddenly a character in a book that was brave, enchanting and heading out to an unknown adventure.

Although with all the news stories proclaiming that with the surge of the digital age actual books will become obsolete and books will, be condensed into a word file that is digitally transferred to your PDA or thumb drive. I know that it still the same stories and that nothing has changed but I just can't grasp the idea of reading a book on a PDA. I need to feel the book in my hands reading and turning the pages. An e-book is just not the same and yes I have tried it but it was not a resounding success. I downloaded Alice in Wonderland and I ended up printing it out as I needed it on paper to be able to soak in the ambiance and tone of the novel.

I have asked several different people for their opinion on this and I have had a mixed reactions-:

1. They like e-books and make way for the future

2. Although they like e-books they can't see paperbacks disappearing anytime soon

3. Lastly they are the ones that agree with me and can only read a book, that is on paper.

I guess I am just old school and have trouble adjusting to change and the children of today won't remember even owning a book written on paper only on a down loadable format. It is the same with mobile phones, children can't remember what the world was like before them it must seem really archaic to use a land line or god forbid a payphone. Even so I do feel sad at the thought
of this happening as my haven of peace and serenity would be taken from me. Even though we would have bookstores it is just not the same using a touchscreen to choose a book pay for it through eftpos or credit card and using either a USB connection to your PDA or a thumb drive to download it. Oh well when and if this does happen I will just have to console myself with the knowledge that it will save trees and perhaps the planet.

Friday, 11 September 2009

Spring has sprung

I see so many posts about Autumn but as I live in the southern Hemisphere I thought I would do an ode to Spring. I read in the City news a column written about how spring sucks and they can't wait to summer arrives. I actually like Spring everything is thawing out from the cold winter and colour awakens the landscape once again. Spring is the season of new beginnings and the guilty pleasures of winter can be forgotten as it is a chance to start again. Everything smells so fresh and new and the light spring rain turns the dry dirt to rich green grass again. Also spring signifies warmer longer days where waxing is a must and cool dips in the pool are the order of the day.

My favourite bit of spring is Floriade it is a flower festival here is Canberra where I live. I know it sounds boring but I can tell you it is fantastic the bursts of colour and array flowers are sight to behold. Each year there is a theme last year was the ‘films that shaped our nation’ ‐ films were showcased in a dazzling display of over a million blooms. For the first time last year they had night fest where as you walk in you were on the red carpet with a entertainment journalist asking you questions and the Priscilla Queen of the desert bus which was hosted by a Les Girl that took you all around to the displays and flowers. There was a glow bar which was an area for Adults only and sold some fantastic cocktails. Also they had strange fruit do a performance (pictured above) which was a show all on stilts which was awe inspiring. There are buskers and stalls of local produce, art and crafts. It is a must see and even if I live here I still go every year because there is nothing like it anywhere else. This year Antonia kidman is the face of Floriade and the theme is mind body and soul. I might even go twice this year once during the day with my DH to see all the flower displays and he can shoot a million photos. Then another time at night to see the performances with my girlfriends so we can chill out at the Glow bar and sip cosmopolitans and watch spring come alive before our eyes.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

I was just putting this in a comment on another blog and decided it needs it's own entry.

Do you ever wonder if your other half is watching same show or movie or even the same ads as you? I know i think that all the time because my husband always has a different take on everything. When we watched Titanic he thought that the old woman accidentally tripped and dropped the jewel in the sea. He wouldn't believe me that she dropped in on purpose as his mind could not understand while she would do that it was worth a fortune. There are many other incidents that his take on what we had just watched is totally different to mine although we had watched the same thing.

The most recent incident was we were watching an ad where a woman wakes up squeezes into her jeans then a tight top and struggles to get on her boots. Then she asks "Nick can you get me a pad" Nick walks to the drawer and shows her two and says"which one?" Her comment is "This one it is shaped to fit You don't want me to be uncomfortable do you?" Well i thought that it was obvious that she made this comment because she was squeezing into tight clothes but not wanting her pad to be uncomfortable a tongue in cheek comment. My husband on the other hand said she made the comment because they just had sex the night before and he wanted her to leave his apartment and she was being sarcastic. I of course made the valid point that A she would not ask him to get a pad if it was casual sex. B The pads were in the apartment which suggests that she either lived there or was in a very intimate relationship with Nick and C not so valid but still worth mentioning if she was on her period would she be having sex. My Husband says "Yes I did think of those inconsistencies but i couldn't think why else would she make this comment other than they had sex" Why does this not surprise me that a man can take a very innocent innocuous ad and think it is about sex. Men!

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

3 degrees of separation

Six degrees of separation (also referred to as the "Human Web") refers to the idea that, if a person is one step away from each person they know and two steps away from each person who is known by one of the people they know, then everyone is at most six steps away from any other person on Earth. (extract from wikipedia)

I love this theory and I use it often in many conversations and as a person that should of but never did join the debating team at school, I find I get into many heated debates about it. I of course are on the affirmative side and fully believe that this entirely possible. I would ask the other person to choose someone on earth and I show them how they are six steps from that person. It is amazing how it works and how everyone eventually interlinks with everyone else. I it find so fascinating and of course with the Internet and social networking the world is getting smaller.

So if everyone is six degrees away from everyone all over the world then you could easily half that number for a town that you live in. Although I live in the capital city of Australia it is quite small town of 300,00 people. The acronym ACT(A Country Town) says it all ok it really stands for Australian capital territory but I think the former is a much better description. So in Canberra there is at least 3 if not 2 degrees of separation. Everybody knows everybody or a least a friend of a friend knows them. The other big thing that interlinks everyone here it is a government town and at some point along the way you interact with other government departments which give you a bigger pool of people that you know.

If I am out somewhere and I mention where I work . I get oh really do you know such and such and nine times out of ten I do know them or at least have heard of them. The running joke is that Canberra is so incestuous and it is so true. The upside is that you know everyone and know who to avoid or who to make friends with the downside being that you have to a upstanding citzen at all times because everyone would of heard about you.